News: Hammerin’ Harry returns!

| brandon

Hammerin’ Harry was a bizarre game for the Famicom, Game Boy, and SFC, and is now getting a PSP sequel. Youtube has your Hammerin’ Harry learning fix here (NES), here (Famicom), and here (SFC). Screens from the PSP game can be seen at Famitsu, and the official site is here, but there’s not much on it, aside from a cute drawing. It’s 3D graphics with 2D gameplay, and is called Ikuze Gensan in Japan. Aside from the 3D, Gen/Harry also gets new outfits and objects to hammer with, and there’s a female character, though the article doesn’t confirm whether she’s playable. Irem says it’s planned for Spring 2008. Thanks to TFP Fanitsu‘s JAPJAC, who thinks it “looks mint,” for pointing it out (British people and their crazy words!).


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