News: Interview with Irem’s Kazuma Kujo

| brandon

kazuma.jpgCacophanus interviewed R-Type Final director Kazuma Kujo a while back, and posted the raw English transcription in the forums. He directed the first Metal Slug, you know! This interview seems to be from around the time of R-Type Final’s release, so doesn’t deal with some newer topics – still pretty neat to see. Here’s a little taste:

C: What is your favourite R-Type game and why?

KK: The first/original R-Type. I have been involved with two R-Type games, R-Type Delta and R-Type Final. When I worked on them, I always aimed for the first R-Type game. I still admire its impact and decisiveness.

C: Would you deem games as an artform, if so why?

KK: I think defining Art itself is difficult, but I prefer to call games as public entertainment, or something enjoyable. Viewing games this way, I think, fit better. When I am working on a game, I try to prepare something users want to see or touch rather than conveying my opinions to others. And if such game can surprise users, that would be best.

Chaz has been telling me to interview this guy for about three years. I hope to some day!


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