News: Masaya Matsuura interview

| brandon

I interviewed Parappa master Masaya Matsuura in Tokyo a while ago (tim helped too!), and it was quite nice. The whole thing went up here, beginning with a very nice image of Matsuura himself. I have more images from NanaOn-Sha on my camera, I’ll put them in the forums a bit later. Matsuura is the most modest and unpretentious man ever to drive a silver Jaguar and own two houses in Tokyo. Here are some things from it:

BS: You mentioned the “jam session” style development last time we spoke, and you mentioned that there are other creators that you’d like to have that sort of “development jam session” with; have you been able to do any of that yet? Do you think sometime you will?

MM: I don’t know. But basically, this kind of “jam session” style for the development of ideas, came from my music career. On the other hand, currently we are focusing on making the prototype. These kinds of ideas come from the big game companies’ ideas.

BS: Do you mean when you are working on a large game? They are ideas that get thrown off from that, or…?

MM: Ah, yeah, yeah, so one of my friends from one of the biggest game companies in America, he told me they were focusing on making the prototype, and doing the production separately.

Many Japanese developers have to do both — of course we have to — but which one is suitable for us, the answer is very simple. The development, making the prototype, is a very important mission for us. After the prototype is done, it’s easy to find a certain production team [to complete the game].


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