News: Virtual Console vs real cart/disc prices

| brandon

Other sites have this now, but hey, they sent it to me first, even if I sat on it for a while! Vintage Computing has done a very nice chart comparing Virtual Console prices versus current used game prices on a game by game, platform by platform basis. Predictably, the PC Engine/TG-16 has the greatest discrepancy, costing almost $900 more to purchase in hard copy, even with three titles unavailable for hard copy pricing. Is the discounted price worth the poor emulation in the wrong resolution? I’m just glad I’ve got most of the games already… The chart was completed by JJ Hendricks of the Videogame Price Charts blog.

Simultaneously, Gamesniped has linked an auction for every U.S.-released Turbo Grafx and Turbo CD game, with three sealed consoles. Usually these things don’t strike a chord with me, but when it’s the turbo…that’s quite a hot batch of stuff. It also comes with a Kisado Converter for imports (those aren’t made anymore). Good stuff all round, only $9,999.99! Yikes. Thanks to Flavor for the link.


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