News: Legacy games collection

| brandon

Looking for Hover Attack info led me to some interesting stuff. One is the site I already linked, which found the Bangai-O connection in 2000. If you check the main page you’ll find that it’s someone’s personal review site – a guy named Blaster. It’s all in Japanese of course, but many of the games are rather obscure, and almost all reviews have several very nice screenshots. The newer pages have easier to parse interfaces, since they’re all linked through pictures. The older tiny reviews require some reading, or at least poking around, but you can find some gems in there too. How many reviews of Racing Lagoon have you seen? Or Chatty? Or Casablanca ni Yume o… (yes, that Casablanca)? Or defunkt doujin circle retrospectives? This site is regularly updated, so keep an eye on it. As an aside, I really recommend clicking the Chatty link. The graphics are pretty amazing.


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