News: PC-88/98/Sharp X1 maps

| brandon

Another thing I found in my Hover Attack search is this absolutely awesome page of PC-88, Sharp X1, and PC-98 game maps, character images, and story. The site has information not just on Hover Attack, but all sorts of obscurities, like Square’s The Blassty, released in 1986 for the PC-8801. Unfortunately, the site is a bit old, so some of the links to animations don’t work anymore. There’s an insane amount of detail here, so hopefully the extra traffic will call the site owner’s attention and get those links fixed.

Just looking at these Hover Attack maps is enough though. Pretty amazing. The Xanadu 2 PC-98 maps aren’t too shabby either. If looking at Game Arts’ 1985 PC-88 game Hyper Dual Armor THEXDER stuff doesn’t intrigue you, I don’t know what to say. This stuff is practically constructionist art. The maps for Koei’s Time Empire are also extremely cool. Incidentally, the image to the left is from The Blassty, and the image below is from Woody Poco.

Update: Some of those links aren’t working right, for whatever reason, so you may just want to visit the main site and browse from there.



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