News: Titanic, the RPG

| brandon

CinnamonPirate, who you may remember from the Final Fantasy VII Famicom post, has played through Titanic the RPG, the Taiwanese Famicom hack. He says it’s awful, but it sounds pretty neat, so long as you’re not playing it, but only thinking about it. Here’s an excerpt:

You see, Titanic is set in The Real World. In The Real World, people cannot hurl fireballs, cast lightning or summon snowstorms. They also cannot raise themselves from the dead or cast Cure4 when they fall out of a tree and break their neck. This means magic does not exist on the Titanic: consequentially, magic does not exist in Titanic.

With magic gone, Jack has only three combat options: Fight, Item and Run. No Defend, that may have taken another 10 lines of code. Also, the Titanic did not house many armories, so the only weapons Jack can ever buy are shitty little knives from the game


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