News: Metanet and XBLA

| brandon

You may have seen, but I did an interview with Raigan and Mare from Metanet, who made N+ for XBLA. The argument boils down to them thinking that most of the games on XBLA are not very good, or ports, and that it’s becoming like the retail market – I agree with that. It became somewhat controversial…I agree with them from the consumer perspective, but I do think they’ll get in trouble with Microsoft, and some of the stuff they said in that respect may or may not be completely valid. Regardless, it sparked discussion, and they spoke honestly, which is incredibly rare. Metanet made a response post here, to clarify their thoughts even more. As the final word on the issue, they’ve done capsule reviews of 100 XBLA games, right here. It’s unusual for developers to review other developers’ games. Some people think that’s bad practice, but who knows games better than developers? Interesting reading, to be sure!

Update: And now it’s gone. In a flash!


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