News: Mr. Driller Online hits Wednesday

| ian

xdrillerbox.jpgMr. Driller is coming to Xbox Live this week. Will it be the greatest version ever? The answer is no. That’s the GameCube version, Drill Land. Second Greatest? Still no, that’s Mr. Driller Ace on the the GBA. Greatest version in English? MAYBE! Or maybe that will still be Drill Spirits on the DS. What it will be for sure is the only version with an online component. For single player options there will be both Classic Driller and some kind of Quest Mode. Will this be the same as the RPG mode we’ve in previous games (done best in Drill Land as Hole of Druaga)? Who knows. Frankly, the only thing we’re certain of is that it will be really colorful and awesome. You can tell just from that shot of the title screen. You should get it.


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