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My internet is returning soon, early next week – til then, here are some interesting-ish interviews that have gone up in the interim period. There are kind of a bunch!

Acquire – Interview at GDC. His english was rough, but we talked about what makes a ‘real’ ninja game, and the difficulty of creating voice-activated games like Deka Voice. We also talked about Yuusha no Kuse ni Namaikida, so there’s that! Thanks go out to everyone who cleaned that interview up…

Capcom – Interview with Kraig Kujawa at Capcom about the new 1942 and Commando downloadable titles. They took screenshots of Ikaruga bullet patterns, apparently – not sure they did anything with them though!

MMV – Here‘s one from quite a while back, with a fellow named Yoshiro Kimura, a producer at Marvelous. He was producer on Chulip, and is currently working on the Pikmin-like Ousama Monogatari. Here’s an interesting bit: “But they have their own life, and they might die, actually, during the fight against the monster. So what’s going to happen to the family — the people that are waiting for those NPCs?” Not sure if they’ll really get to work with this, but it’s an intriguing idea.

Capcom – Interview with David Sirlin about the changes in SF II HD. Lots of fun specifics about hitboxes and balancing techniques in here.

Capcom – Christian Svensson talks here about what Capcom is doing in the U.S. with their download initiative. Capcom USA is really becoming a different company from Capcom Japan.

Feelplus – Ray Nakazato, who did that awesome interview a while back, talking about Lost Odyssey, Cavia, AQI, and other stuff…

Then, if you’re still here, two of my Game Developer magazine editorials have been posted on Gamasutra. Here is one about the potential of a one-console future (or one format at least), and here is one asking why good people make bad games. So there you go! Regular insert creditness will resume pretty soon, I promise.


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