News: Love Shane, Hate Shane

| brandon

loveshanehateshane.jpgA while ago, Christian showed me this blog, about one man’s love/hate relationship with EGM reviewer Shane Bettenhausen. It’s mostly silly. In the author’s own words: “Nobody has caused me to laugh as hard or get as angry as Mr. Shane Bettenhausen. You either love him or hate him. So I’ve decided to track the ups and downs of the Man God’s fandom, giving Shane the props he deserves and the criticism he needs. Wow, this sure sounded a lot less creepy when I was thinking it up.

I say it’s mostly silly, not all silly, because in a way, this is the kind of thing we need. Most reviewers have opinions about things, and people get mad at them for it, and say they should be objective. Well as I’ve said time and time again, they can’t. Ebert isn’t objective, but you know where he stands on things, so you can weigh his opinions against yours. That’s why we need to know the names of reviewers, and what they think though some would disagree. This blog is silly – but the extension of the concept isn’t! Maybe Shane’s not the one to focus attention on, but as long as somebody decent makes it… Note that the man rocking out next to Shane in the pic left is INDEED mutual friend Christian Nutt.


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