News: Yajoukeiji Toukyou Doujitahatsu Tero Chinatsu

| brandon

Browsing around I discovered the Tamsoft-developed DS title Yajoukeiji Toukyou Doujitahatsu Tero Chinatsu, published by Success, which roughly translates to Wild Detective: Tokyo Repeated Simultaneous Terrorism Suppression. Or something like that. If the name weren’t enough, it takes a 70s style approach to the character design, and is an oddly-animated polygonal side-scrolling beat ’em up. There’s a video on that page I linked, and another one here. If you look here you’ll find the full dedicated site. There are movies in the ‘system’ section there too. There are multiple playable characters, and it seems to have some detective-y bits in it as well, which they’re probably hoping will offset the full-price release (5040 yen). Interesting that Tamsoft is getting back into making full-price products now, with Oneechanbara Vortex and all. It’s supposed to be out May 15th, but Play Asia has it as a July release. The official site has postponed it to “undecided.” Uh-oh!


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