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phantasys.pngApologies for the lack of updates, I’ve been internetless at home for weeks now. I’m trying to resolve the situation. In the meantime, here’s some artwork from the original Phantasy Star, which is rather tough to find. Frank scanned it a while back. It’s quite nice – check out the ‘ohshit’ face on the skeleton that guy’s about to throw, and the wizard hitting that bat in the balls. People knew how to fight back then! There are a couple more images scanned in this post he made on stupid Gametap. Pretty good art. The one to the left is wallpaper-sized, so grab it up.

News: New Chosun Musa character Nodnarb

Wildcat has announced a new character in his 2D doujin fighter Chosun Musa: Nodnarb; a sub-boss. Here’s his description:

Nodnarb the Walking Guillotine
He is a Western Europe kingdom’s prince. He had the desire for royal power, but he didn’t act at all like a prince. He’s the kind of guy who’s lazy, greedy, and cowardly. His father, a king from this time, is very disappointed in his actions, so the king banished him from the king’s palace, and he appointed him to the general, in order to change his character into something like a respectable prince. He commands all of the royal armies to beat any rebel forces, bandits, and pirates.

Some months later, he and his forces waged a war against pirates on the ocean. At first, the kingdom’s navy forces look like they’ll steal a winning flag for these sea scums, but the alliance of the pirates hide their shapes, and strike at navy forces in the silent night. Many people are dead, or fall in the sea. Only a few ships and several hundreds of the navy soldiers alive. This stragglers escape the middle oceans, to avoid pirates.

weapon_nrb01.pngDavid Roneden is a member of the pirates; a group named ‘Jealiot’s Beasts’. He appears in this game. I show his animations from my post. Several months later, a very cold and deep-darkness fog comes to Nodnarb’s royal ships. It seems with ghosts and demons comes this sailing fortresses. The guards discovered a stranger. His skins and eyes are bloody red, and he wears very rusty old hood. The security warning horns are over and over. But this thing walked to the Nodnarb’s rooms and it’s not to be stopped entirely.

After this event, no one knows if Nodnarb got a some kinds of effect from this grim reaper. Some fairy tales tells that Nodnarb holds a demon’s power and his royal armies were a sacrifice of hades. Another fairy tale tells Nodnarb made his kindom (also his king, and his family, too) to be sacrifice, like royal armies.

Pomephim is a name of the evil thing which contracts with Nodnarb. He appears in this game, too. Helps Nodnarb with a big demon scissors form, it’s Nodnarb’s primary weapon. Pomephim is the hybrid words as Baphomet and Mephisto. Hecerun’s edge and Inferno dust is his secondary weapon, this demon scissors, sword and gun make him a strongest man in the worldwide arenas.

So, this is actually an April Fools joke from Wildcat, as you can see that Nodnarb is just Brandon backwards. An extremely awesome and elaborate April Fool’s gift! That David character (from the blog post) is truly in the game, but he says Nodnarb could resurface in the future…


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News: Kings of Power 4 Billion %

Miraculously I haven’t linked Paul Roberts’ (Pirate Babys Cabana Battle, etc) latest pixel animated opus, Kings of Power 4 Billion %. It’s great, and you should watch it. Once again, I want to play the game this is based on, but it’s not based on a game. Blast! Anyway, great music, wacky story, and loads and loads of ridiculously detailed and excellent stylish pixel action. Blink and you could miss a game reference too…this is chock full of them.

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News: Captain McGrandpa – Memory of the Forgotten

CptMcGrandpa.pngCaptain McGrandpa – Memory of the Forgotten is a Gametap original game – a multiplayer text adventure helmed by Frank Cifaldi, who we all know and love (or at least should). It’s happening today only (of all days, hmm?) on the Gametap forums. You type in a command, and the ‘game’ responds. It’s pretty awesome so far. You have to join the Gametap forums to play, but you don’t have to if you just want to watch! Here’s the game’s description:

The latest GameTap Originals production, Captain McGrandpa

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