News: Spectral Force Genesis DS

| brandon

Spectral Force Genesis is the latest in the millions of Spectral Something games from Idea Factory – but this one looks pretty neat. If you poke around in the system section, you’ll see that troops are commanded and sent against the enemy in a very Dragon Force style. But since the stylus is there, you should be able to have much more control over what your units do. Check the movie section for more evidence. It’s different, but similar enough to be exciting. When you add to that the fact that several key folks from the Dragon Force team currently work with Idea Factory, it becomes all the more appealing.

The game comes out on the 19th of June for 5,040 yen (with tax) or 6,090 with tax for the limited version, which has a soundtrack CD. Check the sample in the ‘limited’ section to see why you’re better off with the cheaper version. I’m pretty sure this one will make it to the U.S. somehow.


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