News: Decent game music roundup

| brandon

otoshikeiji.jpgBrowsing around, I came across a few games whose most redeeming quality was decent, but not amazing music on their respective webpages. This is largely for folks who remember/like old anime and things of that nature…they’re largely interesting for nostalgaic value. Others need not apply! The first game is Drastic Killer, a PS2 boys love adventure game from Namco Bandai. The music here is very lounge-y, kind of like a light Masafumi Takada song from Flower, Sun, and Rain, or possibly The Silver Case bonus tracks. Don’t watch the video though, it’s got a sub-par boy band on it. Incidentally, why do adventure games always have the best names?

Next there’s Otoshi Keiji (Detective Otoshi) for DS. Check the video page for the music. Watch out for horrifying art! I look at that and think…did I draw that? The music here is basically old Japanese detective game funk. I can’t think of a better way to describe it – it’s a subset of the genre of 70s/80s detective anime music genre. Those who’ve seen these kinds of things will hear what I mean. Otoshi Keiji is by Success and Beyond Interactive, a company that also made that rarest of things; a Japan-only Xbox game. That game is called Muzzle Flash – a third-person shooter of epic proportions. Check out a video here and marvel at why it was never localized. Beyond Interactive is located in Yokohama in the Wizard building. No kidding!

The last game is the adventure title Kenpuuchou, a tiny DS game which inexplicably credits Marvelous, Skywalker, Asmik-Ace, and Natsume. Give the music a minute and you’ll see why I chose it. It’s not amazing, but it’s epic and ridiculous and fun. So there you go!


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