News: What is Ikatan?

ikatan.jpgI was checking out CyberFront‘s website (the company that bought KID’s remains), and I noticed a very cryptic image – a baked squid – sitting below the games section. This leads to a page for a game called Ikatan, which is coming to the DS in the Fall. There’s no other information about it – just a squid and a vague date. A search around the web yields confused Japanese blog posts, so here’s one in English too. Most curious, but keep an eye out for it!

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News: Sekai wa Atashi de Mawatteru

sekaimawaru.jpgSekai wa Atashi de Mawatteru, AKA “The World Revolves Around Me,” is a new DS game from Global A which kind of combines god games, harvest moon, adventure games, and RPG. It seems pretty ambitious, especially for Global A. You can change the physical geography of the world, which apparently the quest, and the battles, and things like that (though it could potentially just be linear and scripted). It looks to be aimed at young girls, but the concept is appealing. The game comes out on June 12th for 4,800 yen.

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News: Spice and Wolf DS

There’s a DS game for the anime/novel series Spice and Wolf coming on June 26, in 5,040 and 7,770 yen flavors, published by ASCII. That in itself is not at all remarkable. What surprised me was here, on the Spice and Wolf umbrella site’s page for the game. If you look to mid-page, you’ll see there’s a character song disc being released with the special edition – and that the seiyuu, Ami Koshimizu, actually looks a fair bit like the character she’s playing. Anyone who’s ever seen a seiyuu before knows this is quite a rarity, and it surprised me enough that I felt it warranted a post, so that’s something! By way of comparison, the voice actress for Rei Ayanami looks like this. Not that that’s bad! It’s just noteworthy when they look alike.

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News: Ys I and II Special Box

In other Interchannel news, the company has put together a special box with both the Ys I and Ys II remakes for DS, which comes with an art book, maps, a soundtrack CD, and some keychain things. The package sells all together for 9,800 yen – they probably should’ve had them together to begin with though. There’s also a video on that first site.

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NEws: Interchannel Holon’s take on Dementium

dementium.jpgInterchannel Holon‘s site for the Japanese release of Dementium: The Ward actually does quite a nice job of promoting the game I think. If you click the ‘movie’ link (bottom right) you’ll see that they’ve successfully taken existing footage and made it feel a bit j-horror. Just neat to see something marketed properly there. The game comes out there on the 26th for 4,280 yen. I wrote one of the cutscenes for the game – I’ll be curious to see how they translate it.

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News: Tatsunoko Fight

tatsunokofight.jpgFor those who aren’t aware, there was a Tatsunoko-only 2D fighting game back in 2000 for the original PlayStation called Tatsunoko Fight. It was re-released with a “best” edition in 2003, and published by Takara. It doesn’t really hold up to today’s standards (or even the standards of 2000, honestly), but is an interesting novelty. Check the classic yet original intro here, ending here, and rather poor gameplay video here. More images and a “review” are available here. I also really like the look of the disc itself. I remember playing this back when it was released, and being extremely underwhelmed, but I wasn’t a Tatsunoko fan at the time, so was focused purely on the stiff gameplay. Plenty of folks seem to disagree though! I seem to recall this as being an early Dimps project, but I might be thinking of this. Anyone remember the developer?

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News: Classic SNK USA letter

Someone at the Pcenginefx forums recently posted a response to a letter they sent SNK back in 1991. It’s a scan of a letter written by Chad Okada (The Game Lord!) telling the young fan about bits versus bytes (and lying about it a little bit), and how Neo Geo is the real deal. Pretty fun read, and just goes to show you that SNK knew as little about what it was doing in America back then as it does now. If you haven’t seen it, give this awesome interview a look. It’s with Mark Rudolph, who is SNK USA’s director of marketing – but also thinks Fatal Fury Real Bout is called Re-Bout, even though the box is right next to him, and who describes KOF XII as having a “cel-shaded” 2D look. Lastly, he calls Fatal Fury Battle Archives 2 the “ending of the Fatal Fury series” – which is debatable when you consider that Mark of the Wolves and Wild Ambition both came out after that. The man knows his products! To be fair to Chad Okada, his letter is much more interesting and much more passionate about the products than mister Rudolph is. That, and Chad was probably about 22 years old at the time. Thanks to SignOfZeta for the first link.

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News: Tears to Tiara updates

tearstotiara.jpgTears to Tiara, Leaf/Aquaplus‘ PS3 remake of the PC eroge/SRPG has gotten a major facelift. You can see some screens in the system section, and watch a video of it here. If those videos don’t work for you, there’s a version on youtube, but it’s quite old, and not as long. It’s basically a from-scratch remake in 3D, and actually looks somewhat competent, though certainly not very current-gen. For reference, here’s a video of the original game from 2005. The 2D wasn’t too hot, so you’re not really missing out on much in the 3D transition. Oddly it seems as though the game was much more RTS-like than tactics-based in the past. Most curious.

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News: UFO Interactive interview

Last month SiliconEra did an interview with UFO, publisher of Heavenly Guardian, aka Kiki Kai World, and The Monkey King. There was lots of confusion about these games, with a US-only PS2 release, confusion as to whether this was a sequel ti Kiki Kai Kai, and all that. Lots of these issues are put to rest here, and it’s revealed the The Monkey King will have a new stage in the U.S. version.

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Play-Asia: Pump It Up EXCEED + Zero for $20

Pump it Up EXCEED and Zero portable for PSP (Korean releases) are selling together at Play-Asia for $20 right now. This is particularly a good deal, as it’s tough to find them that cheap in Korea at times. The games are basically DDR played with the controller, making it a bit beatmania-like. I’d say DJMax is the better game, but this is worth checking out if you have that and want more.

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