News: Otomedius G special box

| brandon

otomediusstick.jpgOtomedius G has a special box coming for 360 which includes 6 “character badges,” and the Hyper Stick Pro, made by Hori. The stick includes a touch pad, which factors into the original arcade game as you can see here on Niconico douga (if you have a login). Presumably in the non-stick version you’ll just use the right stick on the 360, which should work just fine. The set will cost 25,780 yen (and includes the game of course) and will be released on September 25. I wonder if this touch pad stick might eventually be usable for anything else? Beatmania comes to mind. If you look at the special box link, you’ll see that the stick actually lists which buttons and joystick it uses. Kind of neat.


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