News: Phantasy Star Portable movies and info

| brandon

Sega has put up some movies for Phantasy Star Portable, the company’s response to the popularity of Monster Hunter Portable, which basically uses the PSO system in modified form. There’s an opening (which remixes the original ridiculous theme song) and a promotion movie with some player footage. It’s amazing to me how Japanese marketing people are still making videos like we made in the 80s, with people playing the game and showing that yes, you can have a good time! Look how fun it would be if you were one of those guys! Anyway, there’s some game footage in there, if you’re interested. And just to say, the video confirms that you can use your customized character in multiplayer mode. I’ve heard some concerns online that it might not, but it seems to be in. The single player scenario has multiple endings, as well. There will be 1,500 weapons and items (they lumped them together, so there could be 100 weapons and 1,400 items, for all we know). The game is planned for a July 31 release in Japan, with a 5,040 pricetag.


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