News: Super Robot Wars Z PV

| kurokishi

srwz_cover.jpgAlong with the mass update of the main site for the game, the promo video (or PV) has been released to the masses. Again, these are basically DVDs shipped to game store owners so they can pimp the game to eager customers. When I say eager, I do want you to realize that the last game, Super Robot Wars A, unseated the mastodon that is Metal Gear Solid 4 from the Japanese games charts…and it was only a lowly PSP game (though admittedly a very shiny one). The upcoming PS2 game is several orders more impressive than its PSP counterpart (as well as all the previous SRW progeny too, even so than the recent OG games). Anyway, the full PV is available here but if you just want to look at the in-game animation then this should suffice. At present this footage has rendered my pants, and these are specifically my British undergarments, to a uniquely moistened consistency.


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