News: Eroge industry updates

| brandon

Zepy had a few posts back in April about the eroge industry which I think are worth taking all together. First, Windmill released its eroge engine, Catsystem2 for free to the public, for personal or doujin game use. There have been a few others as well, which really opens up development to the doujin community. Next, there’s Zepy’s article on problems plaguing the eroge industry. Lack of competent artists and writers is causing the “official” industry to stagnate, and the main creators are running to doujin circles instead. From my perspective as an outsider (I am not actually a player of these games) it seems to me that the pandering to super-specific markets like the moe market specifically is causing additional stagnation, and lack of creativity. Lastly, there’s his translated list of the number of games released by year in the eroge industry from 1987 to the present, with some commentary on what was released in some key years. This is an often forgotten corner of the industry, so it may be worth checking out.


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