News: Fantasy Zone Complete Collection

| brandon

Sega is releasing the Fantasy Zone Complete Collection for PS2 on September 11 for the usual 2,500 yen, and this package includes Fantasy Zone, Fantasy Zone II: The Tears of Opa-Opa, Fantasy Zone Gear: Opa-Opa Jr.’s Adventure, and Super Fantasy Zone. It also has a number of related games, like Opa-Opa/Fantasy Zone in the Maze, Galactic Protector for SMS, and others. The neatest thing is that they have remade FZ2, which was originally released for the SMS. They reprogrammed it for the System-16 arcade board and added new systems, but keeping it within the retro style of System-16. That’s included in the collection as well. The music for the remake is composed by Manabu Namiki of Basiscape, who we’ve mentioned here a few times before. You can see lots of info at the SMS Power thread. Thanks to Omar for pointing it out!


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