News: TOJam 2008

| brandon

tojam08.pngThe Toronto indie games jam for 2008 has ended, and you can download all the entries from the official site, which has nice games in the background of the page itself, as usual (html, not flash!). The games had to use these criteria – they must be cheese themed, include the tojam logo, a goat on a pole, and the sound made before doors close in the Toronto subway. While regional pride does irk me (Oakland 4 LYF), there are lots of great indie creators in Toronto, so do give the games a look. They have a gold, silver, and puce award (which is platformer played with the Rock Band drum controller), as well as lots of runner ups. All free to download and play!

Note: some errors were fixed. The front page games are html, not flash, and the games also needed to have a cheese theme.


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