News: Tactical Guild

Tactical Guild is a new tactics RPG from Success and Ninja Studio. It looks pretty standard in most ways – jobs, side-scrolling battles, skills and standard attacks. The main thing for this game is multiple heroines, and you can see some interactions between them in the mini theatre. But more than that (thanks Spencer) they’ve got a cosplay mode for the girls. Check the official video for some visuals. Unfortunately they’re not cosplaying anyone immediately recognizable, so it may really just be a novelty. Since it’s by Ninja Studio, you can guess Izuna will be in it though. They also seem to have cheated a bit by giving almost everyone the same poses and animation. Well, still a bit interesting! See more images via famitsu.

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News: Elminage DS

elminageds.jpgAnother quickie you may have missed – Elminage, the PS2 Wizardry-style dungeon crawling RPG, is coming to the DS courtesy of Starfish. There’s a movie tab, but no movie yet…but it stands to reason it’ll look a lot like the PS2 version, considering the simplicity of the graphics.

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Off-topic: The Behemoth’s Comic Con party

I was at The Behemoth’s Comic Con party, (and by the way, Castle Crashers will not cost $22.50) and as you’ll see, my policy of not hurting animals does not extend to pinatas. Here is a video of my blindfolded beheading of a pinata, and a resultant victory hand gesture. Next, if you want more, you can watch a guy almost kill a large portion of the audience with his idiocy. There was no more pinata hitting after he came within 12 inches of hitting Frank from Lost Levels in the face with a stick. His reign of terror begins about 1:30 into the video. Just to say, the candy was really gross!

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News: Pandora

If you’re not aware of Pandora (mentioned below) it’s an as-yet unreleased handheld console created by some folks from the GP2X scene and other homebrew environments. The console proposed to be the most powerful handheld on the market, open-source, running on a linux-based OS, and capable of emulating the PlayStation One, and perhaps more powerful systems. It has no firm release date, but you can see more info on its very informative wiki page and official site. Very interesting look, to say the least. It will supposedly be available for preorder next month, and then available the following month. There will be a run of about 3,000 at a cost of $330 each, but they’ll make more if there’s demand. Even more info is available on the official blog, including a video of the hardware and LCD screen running emulators.

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Rumor: GP3X? Wiz?

gp3xs.jpgWhat you see to the left is either a prototype of a new GP console from Gamepark Holdings, to replace the GP2X or as some would have it, this is a mockup designed to hurt the image of GPH propagated by the folks behind Pandora. There is no official word from either camp, and the only news is also rumor and conjecture. If real, the system would be called The Wiz, and would allow GP2X emulators to run if recompiled. The picture was provided by zodttd – we’ll see if any real information surfaces soon. Do note that this thing does kind of look like a bad photoshop comp, but Gamepark Holdings really needs to make an official statement on it first!

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News: USA Today un-promotion

Check out this USA Today review of Nintendo’s Crosswords DS. It’s not an odd review in itself – it’s just kind of funny when you consider the fact that USA Today has own DS crossword game. Editorial integrity, or missed opportunity! Tough to call, that one. Thanks to Packratshow for sending the link.

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Youtube: Castlevania HoD 24 second speedrun

This is an amazing tool assisted speed run through Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance for GBA…23.97 seconds. Note that the rerecord number is four thousand something – that’s how many times it was retried and stepped back. Tool assisted or not, that’s a lot of work! Played as Maxim. He gets one powerup then glitches through all the walls…it’s over before you know it! You can see a higher quality version here on the TASvideos site.

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News: Sega UFO catcher video

Over a year ago I sent off for Sega Amusement USA’s free Sega UFO Catcher DVD…at the time it said you couldn’t distribute it over the internet, so I left it alone. Now, they’ve put it online themselves so all can see! It’s got oldschool Sega-y music (which actually plays when using the machines, and plenty of marketing cheese, but it certainly recalls simpler times. Worth a look for the old Sega fans.

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