News: Uzebox console

| brandon

A fellow who calls himself Uze has created a new 8-bit open-source console called the Uzebox. It’s a hobby console, composed of easy to find components, but with some neat elements to it, like direct midi-in for sound composition, and the ability to program in C, rather than assembler, which many of these hobby consoles use (not making a value judgment here, it’s just different is all). The system can display 256 colors, 240×224 resolution, overclocked speed of 28.61818Mhz, and has a robust 4k of ram. Input is classic NES controllers, and the sound is a bit NES-like as well.

The main benefits of the system are best explained by the creator, via a youtube comment: “There’s no external memory, everything (code, kernelm, gfx, music) is in a single hex file flashed on the main chip. And thats the goal, only one thing to compile and flash. Since the kernel is arranged as a library, its easy to just include it in the compilation along your game.” Check out a video of a game (Tetris clone) running here. Then a demo of the midi capabilities here. Seems like a really neat project for those with the skills to use it! Also check out the nifty looking case idea he has for it. Thanks to Jeff for the link!


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