News: GP2X Wiz is real

| brandon

wiz2.jpgThe Wiz, which we mentioned earlier as a rumor, has turned out to be real. There’s an official site, and Play Asia has a perorder listing for it now, with a stock date of October 9. The site is in Korean only, for now, and uses a lot of Byulbram’s art/game work to promote the device. It’s got a gig of flash memory, which is neat, OLED screen, uses the arm9 processor, has stylus support, and seems to be nice and small. Not sure about that dual d-pad situation, but it would certainly have some interesting applications. It comes with 12 pre-loaded games, which you can see here, and there’s a larger sellsheet here, specs here, silly World of Warcraft-style packaging here, hot pix here. The fact that Byulbram’s games are shown working on it lends credence to the idea that games might be recompile-able for the new system… very intriguing. More as it develops!


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