News: Hirokazu Yasuhara interview

| brandon

Yasuhara is basically the guy that made the original Sonic what it was. He was the mapper/planner for the original game, and directed the next two (if I’m not mistaken). He was also responsible for Sonic R, which all things considered is pretty good for a 3D Sonic. He’s been working on the Jak series since the second one, and most recently shipped Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, though he’s now at Namco Bandai Games America. Anyway, this interview is only about Sonic toward the end – mostly it’s about his really excellent and really applicable theories of fun and game design, as well as the differences between games and players in Japan versus the West. I think it’s really worth reading. If you’re curious, the blue images in the text are pictures I took of his illustrations while we were talking, and the little Drake’s Fortune sketches were done specifically for us after the interview was over. I’d love to play a game that just looked like that!


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