Youtube: The Runaway Five – game jazz

| brandon

runaway5.jpgThe Runaway Five (which is maybe an Earthbound reference) is a jazz group which does renditions of videogame music. Check it out here. Particularly neat: Wii Shop Channel, Tetris theme, Puzzle Bobble, and Descarga de Chocobo. Give it a look! They’re not the most together group in the universe (they seem young!), and the sound recording is a bit poor (can’t hear the bass) but it’s good fun, and the arrangements are pretty competent, if unadventurous – these fellows will only get better. Thanks to Persona for pointing it out! I don’t know if he saw it on gonintendo, and I didn’t find it through them, but google says they had it before me, so now I link to them, because that’s how it should be, son.


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