News: Famitsu bits

| brandon

A bunch of stuff came with the new Famitsu. Scans are floating about, but I’ll just sum up here:

Koei is bringing out a new Gundam Musou, simultaneously announced for PS2, not just next-gen. Koei does not believe!

PSP Hatsune Miku game – rhythm game with custom modes and story. Sega to publish.

Real game from Jaleco, called Kizuna – amazingly Jaleco is making an ambitious-looking Wii action RPG, with the FFXII scenario writer, and a former Level5 producer as director. He’s apparently also the lead programmer on Osama Monogatari. The art direction is great. I never thought I’d see this happen to Jaleco!
Update: The scenario writer’s name is Miwa Shouda.

Death Smiles is coming to 360, Cave’s latest. It’ll be retail, and Cave is self-publishing.

Zwei!! is coming to PSP from Falcom.

Nippon Ichi is making a new PSP game with 100 Prinnies and Etna, which is apparently maybe lemmingsish. Wacky!

Meteos Wars coming to 360 downloadable.

Thanks to the MMC random thread for the news!


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