News: Odd Western releases redux

| brandon

In my browsing, I noticed a couple more odd Western games being released in Japan. I’ve been covering this for a while, so why not?

First there’s Cyberfront, part of the trend of dating sim companies to release U.S. games – the company is bringing MLB 2k8 for PS2/3, and 360. Multi-platform! Crazy. But Japan loves baseball, so this isn’t the oddest pickup.

This I found even odder. Bethesda has a small publishing outfit in Japan – and it’s through this that 2K has released Bully for both PS2 and 360. Not the Wii version! The product description makes multiple references to GTA, reminding readers that the same company makes that game…while also making sure to mention that this is an “American school comedy.” Odd positioning. Check the official site for the trailer, which is simply subtitled.


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