News: Yasuhiro Ono interview

| brandon

My interview on Gamasutra today was with Yasuhiro Ono, who’s doing Street Fighter IV, which it turns out I actually quite enjoy. The article is here…we talk a bit about jumping arcs changing when you bring the game into 16:9, character balance, and fluid versus choppy animation when bringing a 2D game into 3D. Here’s his explanation for Rufus, the fat character that plays very quickly: “So basically, the idea behind Rufus was to take a character that looks visually familiar, but plays in a very different way than you would expect. It has a bit of a Street Fighter essence in it, too.

If you look at all of the characters until now, they all do crazy, unexpected things. They stretch their limbs or they use electricity, and that sort of thing. So we think that Rufus really fits in to the Street Fighter aesthetic pretty well, in that sense.


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