News: Gackt’s latest game: Bounty Killer

| brandon

bountykiller.jpgI’ve been holding on to this one for some time – Gackt’s newest game collaboration, Bounty Killer. It’s been released on PS3, which is how it got my attention initially. I looked at Yamasa’s official site for the release, and thought that handsome avatar looked a bit familiar. And indeed, it’s the man himself. Sure, he may have gotten a little less awesome musically of late, but his commitment to being a super-hot super-nerd has not relented. This is his fourth videogame appearance by my count, after Bujingai (which I liked), Dirge of Cerberus, and Crisis Core: FFVII. He also lent his voice to a Hatsune Miku-style Vocaloid called Gackpoid. See an example here, and be sure to watch in high quality, because it’s pretty awesome (and here‘s another).

But back to the game at hand, Bounty Killer. This one is unique in that for the first time, he’s not just lending his likeness – he’s also the sound producer. According to his comment page, he contributed one song, called “Justified” – and maybe “supervised” the rest. And whoever composed the rest of the music seems to have been inspired by Gackt’s old legacy, as the song on the original game’s page is clearly an homage to his Malice Mizer days, and could easily be an intro to one of their songs. Unfortunately, all this excitement is just for a pachislot game. Quite distressing, in the end. They’re really milking this though – there are even wrist bands and key rings you can buy. As an aside, the pachinko parlor just two blocks from tim‘s house actually has one of these advertised out front – but I didn’t venture inside to try it. I do regret it.


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