Toy: 1/144 Daizengar model kit

| ollie

daizengar_kit1.jpgI meant to cover this earlier but I’ve been somewhat distracted with lots of toy and games shopping since I came back to Japan.

Now when I say “1/144” scale “model kit”, I’m not really describing that properly. This Daizengar is almost 40cm tall and is, to all intents and purposes, a kit based toy. Once assembled you can actually wield its sword as a viable melee weapon. It also comes with a selection of LED’s and sound FX kit, so it’s also pretty gimmick ridden. I’ve seen this puppy in the flesh and it’s rather awe inspiring, having completed Super Robot Wars Alpha 3 and seeing something this large actually given the proper plamo treatment is just plain lovely.

Unfortunately, it’s far from cheap. It retails at around 31,000 yen in most places but you can nab it for around 29,800 yen online. The shipping will also be rather fantastic, as the box is so big it requires its own handle. For those that don’t what to build something this large (and expensive!) a Soul of Chogokin toy is also on the way. The latter will mark the first time an OG mecha has been given the Tamashii treatment.


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