News: SNKP New Year wallpaper, lack of ladies

Self-explanatory. Mostly important because of the bit I cropped, as well as all the female characters that are holding milk. It makes tons of sense! Thanks to Eric-Jon for pointing to it.

As an aside, you must know that the KOF XII full roster has been revealed, boss characters aside. One thing I noticed is that with a grand total of two female characters (Athena and Leona) this is the full-stop KOF with the fewest females ever, unless I’m missing something. Are girls not ready for the HD life?

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News: Konami suing Pentavision

Pentavision is the maker of DJMax and also the Easy DJ series of arcade games (well, it’s the same developers under their previous name anyway). Konami Korea has announced it (this is probably the only significant thing they’ve done, in fact) and Bemanistyle reports it in English. What’s interesting to me is the comments in that thread – Bemanistyle is obviously a site for Beatmania players, but the response has generally been “lighten up, Konami,” given that DJMax has actually had a very solid reception in that community. We’ll see what happens, but Guitar Hero and Rock Band sill exist, so! Thanks to Ouendan for the news.

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News: Space Deadbeef on iPhone

spacedeadbeef.jpgThere’s a new free app in the iTune’s store, going by the brilliant name of Space Deadbeef. It’s a 2D horizontal shooter where you touch the screen to move your ship and lock-on to targets and launch a suitably Ichiro Itano inspired volley of missiles. There’s a video of the game in action here.

I’m mentioning this as the man who made this is Yuji Yasuhara. To those that don’t know, he was also the design and code lead on the frankly fucking stunning Omega Boost, which has Itano Circus missile barrages up the wazoo. He also worked on Panzer Dragoon Zwei, so if anything this guy knows how to get a homing missile shooter working.

Personally, I’m glad that he’s doing shmups again and hope that his current employers take notice of his renewed shooting prowess.

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News: Temjin Model Kit

temjin_koto_kit1.jpgHo ho ho! Moerry Christmas everyone! Anyway, that aside, Kotobukiya are following their just released 1/100 scale Raiden kit with a similarly scaled Temjin model next year. Unlike the Raiden kit, this Temjin is from the original Virtual On (rather than from Oratorio Tangram). The Temjin kit will be released in March of next year and will retail at the cheaper price of 5,040 yen (most probably down to the kit’s smaller girth and reduced complexity).

I can also report, as I’m currently holidaying in Japan, that the Raiden kit is actually very impressive. It’s pretty damn large and very chunky, not to mention that even unpainted it looks very good indeed. The official site covers the release quite nicely too.

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News: 428/CANAAN at Comiket 75

canaan.jpg428, that Famitsu 40-out-of-40 receiving spiritual sequel to Chunsoft’s revered machi, hasn’t been selling too well (only 3 shy of a pitiable 34k in its first week), but it’s still set to get the anime treatment in the form of CANAAN. The website, which opened up last week with a splash screen and some production information, now has video promoting the disc set they’ll be pushing at Comiket 75.

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Link: Valkyria On

valkyria-feiyen-small.jpgJonathan “Persona” Kim has done something so wonderfully brilliant, I feel compelled to share it. He’s managed to seamlessly link Valkyria Chronicles and Virtual On with a rendition of Fei-Yen (from Force, specifically the Cinderella Heart). The bio is also rather brilliant…

TF-14G Fei-Yen with Gallian Heart, Squad 7 scout.
Once a pop singer in a big city, she was banned from performing when she accidentally crushed an audience member during an important concert. She enlisted in the militia to win fame as a war hero. Her dream is to become a space diva and stop alien invasions.

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News: The Dark Spire announced

darkspire.jpgThe Dark Spire, AKA Genmu no Tou to Tsurugi no Okite has finally been announced for a U.S. release by Atlus. Play Asia says it’s coming in March fpr $35. I’m hopeful that this will be as fun to play as it is to look at. Click that first link if you want to know more about the game, as I described it in detail last March.

Update: Official site is here.

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News: Legend of Wukong

Super Fighter Team, the guys behind the Super Fighter revival, and the Beggar Prince Genesis localization have got another Genesis/Mega Drive project for sale now – it’s been available for some time, but it was during my non-posting period, so I’ll highlight it now. It’s called Legend of Wukong, and is another RPG from Gametec, which Super Fighter Team says will “play perfectly on any and all PAL and NTSC Sega Genesis and Megadrive systems, including the Nomad, 32X, X’Eye, Laseractive, etc., as well as on all compatible systems.” It comes with a clamshell case, game cart, and color booklet, and costs $40 plus shipping. Looks pretty cute!

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Clarification: Virtual On Oratorio Tangram Trademarking

voot_logo.jpgJust so everybody knows, a few places have reported that SEGA have re-secured their trademark for Virtual On Oratorio Tangram. However, they’ve also gone on to fallaciously assume that this means a new port of the game is on the way.

The trademark is actually to do with the new line of model kits by Kotobukiya (which we’ve previously covered). Up and till this point, Hasegawa have been making kits from Virtual On Force and Marz, so the Oratan trademark wouldn’t have been necessary.

So a new game is most likely not on the way and for those deranged enough to want a Wii and/or an XBLA/PSN version let me clarify the following; the Wii doesn’t afford the precision to do successive jump or guard cancels, which would make any port of Oratan horribly broken, and an XBLA/PSN version would just suck on a pad (it did for Marz).

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