News: Border Break announcement

| ollie

border_break_logo.jpgNow, before people get ahead of themselves; SEGA are making a new mecha versus arcade game. Specifically one that is fully online that supports up to 20 players (10 a side). It’s also being handled by SEGA AM2 and will most probably be on Lindbergh hardware (though the latter is an assumption on my part).

You could think this might be an update to Virtual On but that wonderful series of games has always been helmed by SEGA AM3. So it’s doubtful that this is a shiny new update to Juro Watari’s overlooked masterpiece (though not entirely impossible, as I know a Virtual On arcade game had been planned after Marz but got canned).

So why the resurgence then? Well, Senjou no Kizuna (the Gundam arcade game with a panoramic cockpit in case you’d forgotten) is making lots of money at the moment and SEGA probably want in on the act.

Border Break will be shown at the upcoming AOU show in February. Thanks to Alex Kierkegaard for the heads up.


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