News: Iron Master: Legendary Blacksmith

ironmaster.jpgIron Master: Legendary Blacksmith has a trailer up, and has been described to me as something like “forging papa.” Seems quite accurate. This is interesting to me because it’s being released by Barunson Creative, the new imprint for Studio9. Looks like Spencer already found out about it back here prior to the trailer’s release. Check his link to find some art and suchlike.

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Youtube: Sega’s Saturn chimps

segachimps.jpgAssembler points out this video in which Sega used chimps to market the Saturn. Judging by the games, this was very early days for the machine. Note that the primate on the left is named “Seagal” (Segaalu) and the one on the right is named “Anthony” (Ansonii), thus Sega vs Sony. Pretty lame campaign, but I like monkeys, and it’s kind of interesting to see how they marketed their 3D like it was the business.

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Audio: Eye of the Beholder Sega CD

Audio Atrocities hasn’t been updated for a while, which is a shame, but if you absolutely must have more horrifying game voiceovers (and I must), Christian stumbled upon some nice clips of Eye of the Beholder for Sega CD. Check out this clip, and then this, and then this. And then try tear your ears off, which wouldn’t help anyway, since your ears only help amplify the sound, you’d still hear things. Don’t be foolish. Anyway, it took me a few seconds to realize that these weren’t “humorous” fan dubs, but the actual in-game audio. Champions!

News: Nitro Royale getting HD arcade port

Nitro+‘s 2D PC fighter (featuring Saber from Fate/Stay Night) is coming to arcades in HD, courtesy of Milestone, notes Zepy. You can see some comparison sprites here, which make it clear that everything is being totally redrawn. You can watch some footage of the original game here. The companies plan to release the game on Naomi hardware in 2009. By all accounts the original is pretty rough around the edges, but maybe they’ll smooth things over in the porting process.

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News: Treasure interview

I interviewed Masato Maegawa, president of Treasure finally – I could’ve done a better job, really, I wasn’t too prepared – but I had a secret special guest there asking questions too, which helped. Lots of stuff was off-limits, as well. Read it here. Next time I’ll push further!

Update: Turns out I can say that the super secret guest is Tim – I thought he might not want to be mentioned, but there you go! He asked about half the questions.

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News: Brain Pipe Kind of Upset My Tummy

BRAINPIPE is a new game from 2006 Independent Games Festival winners for Innovation in Audio, Digital Eel. An extremely simple game with the surprisingly compatible goals of classic arcadey action and the creation of deep feelings of unease, BRAINPIPE actually came out late last year, but I didn’t notice until today, when one of the people who worked on it came over to my desk and made me download the demo. The demo is free, and the full game is $14.95. At the very least you should check this out, and make sure you have the sound turned up. Remember, these people are AWARD WINNERS.

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News: Verifying the existence of Packet Monster Inc Pte Ltd

notpacketmonster.jpgAs some of you may have heard, ownership of the rather important Japanese messageboard 2ch has been transferred from independent owner Hiroyuki Nishimura to a holding company called Packet Monster, but no further information was given. According to Zepy’s entry, Packet Monsters Inc Pte Ltd is actually located in Singapore. I decided personally verify if Packet Monster Inc Pte Ltd exists as a company at the location found using whois domain look up. I have posted the results over here.

It seems that the mystery is solved with a combination of the photos I took and entry here (thanks to Narcissist in the Canned Dogs thread). It seems that Nishimura enlisted the help of a Singapore company called Rikvin (A company that specializes in Singapore-based offshore company formations) in setting Packet Monster Inc Pte Ltd which is merely a holding company. The photos simply serve to show that the building address itself does not lead to a physical location representing Packet Monster. Any legal implications are still up in the air for now, but at least it can be confirmed that, for the time being, the company is merely a shell, not an independent office.

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Rumor: Gundam Senjou no Kizuna coming to PSP

senjou_logo1.jpgYeah, the Gundam arcade game with the wonderful panoramic cockpit is getting a PSP port. I’ve done some digging on this though and whilst the official site doesn’t mention anything, a slew of Japanese blogs are reporting a release date of the 26th of March (which was subsequently picked up elsewhere). Whether this turns out to be true I would be personally inclined to utter “what the fuck?!?” at this state of affairs. Surely, the team behind the really good Gundam game on the Wii would be ideally suited to this, as that was already first person and afforded a similar control setup to the arcade game. You could even do all the networked multiplayer stuff on the Wii and the system’s specs are a closer fit to the arcade board than, let’s say, a PSP.

I can only assume with the various Gundam games out on the PSP at the moment, all of which work very well admittedly, that Bamco Namdai has followed the numbers to reach the conclusion that more people want a PSP version, despite the functional fallout.

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