Look who’s back! (it’s us)

| brandon

nice gets!Welcome, pilgrims, to the rebirth of insert credit. The site was created in 2001, launched on april 8 2002, and went on hiatus round about june 2009.

This resurrection has been a long time in the making, and I think we’ve got a group of people now who really want to do this. I make no guarantees, but I am hopeful that we’ll stick around for a little while. Don’t expect constant, or even daily updates. Don’t expect us to cover things that everyone else is covering. The old days of being an import game site are mostly over, and others are covering the news better than us anyway.

So then, why are we back? A lot of that is said in our quasi-manifesto below, but to sum up, the game-related website we wanted to read didn’t exist anymore… and it was because we weren’t making it. The solution was deviously obvious! We are making this site for us, and for people like us. Time was, that was a lot of people. We’ll see how it is now!

Right now we’ve got news and features, and that’s it. On the right you’ll see highlighted posts, which will hover up there until they’re replaced. We have no forums (if you want a forum, go here), but we do have comments, which you can find if you look for them. Right now, we’re having people register with intensedebate in order to post, because we’ve not figured out how to regulate it otherwise. This may change as we figure more things out.

The “archives” above refer to archives of posts on the “new” insert credit. Old archives, that is to say the previous site, will exist in the “museum” section, but that will come later. There are some logistics and weirdnesses there. If anyone wants to help with that, drop me a line.

I should mention that site would not have been possible without the amazing talent of Geoffrey Roberts, who did all the crazy html5 redesigning you see all over the place, alongside suggestions from myself, and the rest of the staff.

Everything was installed, implemented, and tweaked by Trevor Wilson, another person without whom the site wouldn’t look like anything.

If something’s broken, or weird, send me an email at brandon@ this website. That’s enough boring exposition. Thanks for joining us, let’s have a good ole time!