Star Odyssey is a new Sega Genesis RPG you can buy

| frank

Super Fighter Team, those wacky guys that make a business out of translating and selling old games for old consoles, is set to release its third (!) Sega Genesis RPG.

This one is called Star Odyssey and, unlike the last two, it is Japanese-style RPG that is actually from Japan: both Beggar Prince and Legend of Wukong came from Taiwan. For those who like overclassifying things, that makes it a JJRPG as opposed to a TJRPG.

The game was released in Japan by the publisher with one of my favorite names ever, Hot B. It was called Blue Almanac over there, which totally strikes me as one of those Japanese game titles that was chosen because it was two cool-sounding English words that don’t actually mean anything together.

Blue Almanac doesn’t seem particularly well-remembered; I can’t find any videos on Nico, and YouTube just has one music track and a super hilarious “review” from an internet superstar who says “fuck” a lot.

There was going to be an official translation done at one point, and a build of it by American publisher Sage’s Creation (an early licensee that published Hot B games in America) was found by this guy.

“Gonna release this in a few days, when I get some stuff sorted out,” he wrote on March 1, 2008, before never speaking of it again. As it turns out, Super Fighter worked out a deal with him to acquire the ROM and officially license the game through its rights holder. Apparently that official English version wasn’t fit to release, though, with Super Fighter’s hired programmer saying that “the entire script was nothing but Engrish trash.”

“The game crashed after several hours; there were sprites walking around that you couldn’t speak to; the entire game was written using a hideous font; descriptions for most of the items and magic types made no sense,” he said.

The entire game was fixed up over the last couple years, with a lot of weird bugs and useless features removed (they even balanced the difficulty!).

I haven’t played the game yet, but it looks like a Phantasy Star II knockoff. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing! If this sounds like a thing you might enjoy purchasing, you can do that here for $40 plus shipping. You should also buy Zaku while you’re there because it’s a Lynx game about a fox that shoots other animals to get back some stolen game development middleware. How can you not want that?


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