Builder: The Game

| eric-jon

If you are not yet aware of it, a couple of months ago I released a little puzzle platformer called Builder. I had a couple of goals with this game. The first is that I had been researching RSD Game-Maker, a 20-year-old DOS-based development environment (see my earlier post about cly5m), and I wondered if the old tools would support a relevant, contemporary game. As it turns out — maybe!

My other goal ties into the weirdness of the old engine. I have long been fascinated with glitches, and the odd mechanical and expressive qualities that they bring to a game. I figured this was a chance for me to explore the deliberate aspects of both of those qualities. You can play the surface game, and it’s fine — but until you start to pick away at the scenery, you’re only getting a part of the picture.

I won’t say that Builder is the most profound or involving game on the planet, but I’m pleased with it. You can download it for PC or Mac (which I have not tested; I have been told is a little slow), and you can make it work in Linux. There are more screenshots here.

Also, here‘s a play-through by Ken Taylor of the webcomic (tsuduku…). I suggest, if you plan on finishing the game, that you not watch past the first video.