Halo 2600 source code released

| brandon

One year ago, Ex-Microsoft Very Important Guy Ed Fries decided to test whether he could still code in assembly, and decided the 2600 would be a great place to start. So it was that Halo 2600 was born – a top-down, multi-screen shooter with a high degree of sophistication for the console.

For those interested in taking a similar path, Fries has taken the next step. “I thought I’d celebrate the one year anniversary of the release of Halo 2600 at the Classic Gaming Expo by making the source code available,” said Fries in an AtariAge forum post. “It’s not particularly cleaned up or well documented but I put it here, as is, with the hopes that it will help some future 2600 homebrew programmers, just as I was helped by others who posted their code.”

Interested persons can find the code attached to the AtariAge thread here.


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