Video fever – vintage 1982 report on video games

| brandon

Late last year, someone uploaded a 1982 ABC report on arcade games, and it’s unusually interesting. Here you’ll see inside Taito USA’s factory (the president is about the biggest sleaze I’ve seen caught on tape from that era), hear about “pac-man wrist,” and get some wise words about games and kids from an unusually sensible psychologist. That man deserves an award. And at the 2:30 mark, is “Burt Price” actually Will Wright with a beard? Sure looks and sounds like it! The whole thing is worth a look though, if you like your history.

Perhaps the best bit of this video is the revelation of an unreleased Taito USA arcade game called Toasters and Chainsaws, which was reportedly being made by “Rex and Mark.” Frank Cifaldi deduced that Rex is Rex Battenberg, and through him, I learned that Mark is Mark Blaszczyk. Unfortunately, Rex is the only guy I can get ahold of so far, and he doesn’t remember the game at all. I’ll be following these leads until I root out the truth, so stay tuned!


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