How to Not Suck At ZiGGURAT

by patrick miller



<If you are reading this strictly for tips on not sucking at ZiGGURAT, you can just jump down to the tip stuff here.>

I played a lot of Diablo II back in the day.

I actually didn’t get that deep into vanilla Diablo II, though. Beat the game on normal with a Conversion/Thorns Paladin, found myself woefully underpowered for Nightmare, and put it down until Lord of Destruction came out. That’s when I got addicted. Six months later, I had four high-level Assassins of various builds, a magic find Sorceress, and a Lightning Fury Amazon specced specifically for Cow Level runs. Yes, I made a character whose sole purpose was to mow down cows with alarming efficiency.

One decade later, I would reflect with some of my friends on our shared addiction to Diablo II. “Man, that game was addictive,” we said. Pause. Then I said:

“But, you know, it wasn’t really that much fun.”

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