“The Avengers” credits feature a terrible videogame-related typo

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Hello, friends!

It’s official: I have seen “The Avengers” more than once. I will not say how many times more than once I have seen “The Avengers”, because that would shatter my reputation as someone who hates almost everything.

I come to you today as a news reporter: the film references the classic Namco arcade shooting game Galaga during one of those scenes where Tony “Robert Downey Jr.” Stark (aka “Iron Man”) delivers a tightly scripted virtuoso monologue displaying his smartness and intelligence. “That man over there is playing Galaga,” he says, interrupting himself. “He thought we didn’t notice. We did.” Then he interrupts his own interruption of himself, slashing right back to the stuff he was saying about gamma radiation and government conspiracies. He does this all while wearing a “Black Sabbath” T-shirt — one featuring an image of the Triforce from The Legend of Zelda. He’s wearing a Black Sabbath T-shirt because they’ve already used the AC/DC song “Shoot to Thrill” to introduce Iron Man’s heroic swoops into action twice across three films. Here is where, maybe, the producers at Marvel Studios made that same error that the BBC’s “Look Around You” once made, when they flat-out called AC/DC “Heavy Metal”. “Iron Man”‘s producers might have been going for a subtler pun, though the takeaway is this: AC/DC is not heavy metal. They are not metal at all. They are classic rock. If you call AC/DC “metal”, you also consider Frito-Lay a food group.

When Stark’s monologue is over (thirty seconds after the “Galaga” comment), we see a quick shot back into the bridge of the flying aircraft carrier where The Avengers hang out and argue for half the film. (It’s pleasant-enough arguing (I saw the film More Than Once, after all (it was research: I wanted a deeper understanding of a logistical particulars of a billion-dollar-earning film which genuinely uses dialogue as an attraction and not a boring thing that the writers couldn’t figure out how to get rid of).))

There he is: a man playing Galaga! Man! Why the heck did it have to be Galaga? Why not Pac-Man?

Well, if you watch the credits of “The Avengers” — and who wouldn’t, when movie studios these days have to promise two post-credits fun-nuggets at least just to keep up with the Joneses — you’ll see, after the seemingly endless part wherein you realize they employed Literally Every Special Effects Company Out There, a “special thanks” section that expresses gratitude for all the usuals (fire department, police department, et cetera), and then . . . “GALAGA [TM] & NAMECO BANDAI GAMES [Copyright symbol] courtesy NAMECO-BANDAI Games America Inc.”

So, there’s that: the person tasked with typing up the credits for “The Avengers” didn’t spell “Namco” correctly. This means Galaga is not adequately credited in the film. This means Namco can probably sue. Hey, Disney and Marvel Studios — just settle out of court. Offer them five hundred dollars — they’ll take it. That’s enough for them to make another Tekken game EPIC BURN

Oh: you want to see photographic evidence? Just click that image up there, bloggers of the world. Sorry it’s a bit blurry; my hands were shaking vigorously with the thrill of Hot Scoop Action.

Man! Imagine how many other typos there are in the credits sequence of this movie! The real title is probably supposed to be “The Avengrs”.

Serious comment: that no one caught that typo is a little jarring, and kind of says a tiny little thing or two about how even the legendary Japanese game developer who made Pac-Man never quite became a Real Mainstream Household Name.


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  1. He’s wearing a black sabbath t-shirt because of their famous song “Iron Man” wherein the first lyrics are “I am Iron Man” which is what and how Tony Stark announces to the public that he is indeed Iron Man. The song was then used at the end credits of Iron Man, it was turned into his ringtone for IronMan 2. they’ve referenced the iconic rock song in every film he was in and the t-shirt was their way of doing it in Avengers

  2. So the triforce part got me buttmad,
    Black Sabbath used it before Zelda, so there is no actual reason to credit Nintendo for an image use, but as soon as he says triforce or something in that category,Biggs gonna have to watch out

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