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Episode Three – Shagargamel

In Talmudic Judaism, there is a principle known as “Chazakah”. This principle dictates that if something occurs three times, it is safe to assume that this occurrence has been established as the status quo. By this token, the Insert Credit podcast is now an irrefutable facet of our reality! This week, Frank “C-Note” Cifaldi, Tim “T-Bone” Rogers, and “Reckless Abrandon” Sheffield (all pictured above)  join me once more to discuss the following topics:

1) How many vowels there are in “Ouya”
2) Brandon’s Groundhog Day dream
3) Batman vs. Batman
4) Molyneux’s Box
5) The Seinfeld of Video Games
6) Storyboarding the next DOAX
7) Aron Boag and the Value of the Vita
9) Insert Credit: The Webcomic
10) “It’s Hyperdimension Neptunia, Mom!”

You may notice that our podcast no longer instills the innate longing to jab toothpicks into your eardrums until the very concept of sound is a distant memory. This is entirely owed to our new sound editor, the grammy-nominated Andrew Toups. You may know him as the guy who composed the undeniably radical soundtrack of ZiGGURATWell here’s a fun fact: he is also the progenitor of every original song you hear on this podcast! We hope you grow to love him as much as I do.


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