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Episode Four – Dr Pepper Hot Dog Cafe



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Hey. Hey, guys. Sorry we’re a little late. We wanted to make sure and take the time to get this episode soooo right. I think you’ll find it was worth the wait. Draw yourself a warm bubble bath, pour a vintage sherry, listen to some Chopin, and then turn off the Chopin and pop on Episode 4 of the Insert Credit Podcast. This week those three guys are back to discuss:

1) Monster World‘s weird numbering conventions
2) The utility of Metacritic
3) The extent to which Sega does what Nintendon’t
4) Feline futurism
5) The joys of Steam
6) Kill Marry Boff: Round Two
7) Videogames as teaching tools
8) The ideal video game magazine
9) Miyamoto on Luigi
10) GBA shovelware

Thanks again to our man Andrew Toups for concentrating our combined raw genius into sweet love for your ear canals. And remember if you want in on the fun, it’s as easy as dropping a question to

And hey, here’s an idea: why not record yourself answering any of our questions and send it on over? Just keep it between thirty seconds and one minute, and we might just play it on the show. Looking forward to hearing from you cats and kittens.

alex “gorblax” jaffe once had an erotic dream about the dj from the warriors


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