the insert credit podcast, episode nine – al pacino’s vegas adventure


Episode 9 – Al Pacino’s Vegas Adventure



Because you the listener demanded it, this week we bring you an extra length episode featuring Action Button Entertainment‘s celebrity graphic designer Brent Porter! He joins brandon, tim, and frank for discussion of:

1. How horror games scare people
2. The correct method for establishing lore
3. Food in video games
4. Ideal real world Metroidvania settings
5. BioWare and Joss Whedon
6. D-Day
7. The oft-maligned Escort Mission
8. How actual sports translate into their game counterparts
9. Wreck It Ralph

…and a special Game Show Round!

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Because you the listener demanded it, we will be reverting to our normal one hour time schedule next week!

alex “gorblax” jaffe is happy to read and review your video game fanfiction

the insert credit podcast, episode eight – panza vision with vito gesualdi


Episode 8 – Panza Vision with Vito Gesualdi



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Get ready for fun! This week Insert Credit’s Official Hollywood Correspondent Vito Gesualdi joins tim, brandon, frank and myself to discuss such delightful topics as:

1. Nintendo Power
2. Visceral Games’ Don Quixote
3. Cute ’em Ups
4. Gabe Newell vs. Gabe Pennyarcade
5. 2012 in 2002
6. Antiques Road Show: Video Game Edition
7. Whether y’all got that Madden
8. OnLive, and whether it’s even worth saving
9. Ridablanimals
10. What’s wrong with D. Souls series

 I reckon this is a real good’n! We just might make Vito one of our regular panelists if you don’t WATCH YOUR GOD DARN BACK, FRANK.

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Sega Genesis variants

For quite some time, I thought the variance between models of Sega Genesis/Megadrive were as simple as “model 1, model 2” et cetera. I was vaguely aware that the sound chip changed from model to model, but simply thought it “got worse” over time. The answer is far more complex than that, as you can read in this extensive investigation of the subject on Sega-16’s forums.

The number of changes Sega made from model to model, down to the circuitry, is pretty indicative of why Sega would later lose the war against companies with more consistent messages and systems. The conclusion is that you want a “high definition graphics” genesis if you care about sound, and if you’d like the game to boot straight away, skipping the “under license from Sega” screen, you’ll want the one with this FCID.

the insert credit podcast, episode seven – gamer grub with patrick miller


Episode 7 – Gamer Grub with Patrick Miller



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In this week’s thrilling adventure hour, our stalwart heroes are joined by Patrick Miller, yet another member of the Insert Credit old guard to talk surprisingly little about fighting or RTS games. What we do talk about is this:

1) Gamescom

2) Voice acting on the GameCube

3) Sweet rides

4) Pokemon vs. Animal Crossing

5) Industry buzzwords

6) William Hung

7) Ranking the Halo series

8) Character customization

9) Films for players of video games

10) Robot Masters

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alex “gorblax” jaffe has a post-script joke about Temple of Apshai from brandon and here it is: “temple of apshai  needs to get over itself and start socializing with the other apps”

the insert credit podcast, episode six – seattle rhythm with christian nutt


Episode 6 – Seattle Rhythm with Christian Nutt



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Can you believe we’ve been doing this for six weeks now? If this were The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, the world would have ended fourteen times since we first started this thing. Well, we’re back, and this time around we’ve got 33% more original Insert Credit flavor with christian nutt joining the franktimbrandon triple headed cerberus of podcasting! Together, we discuss such delightful topics as:

1) The line between “difficult” and “unfair”
2) Modern beat-em-ups
3) Master Chief vs. Charizard
4) Those losers who think Oculus Rift is a good idea
5) Why the Tales games aren’t a waste of time
6) The prettiest video game
7) Studio Ghibli game adaptations
8) Fable‘s undelivered promises
9) Why Dragon Quest X is the way it is
10) Pokemon fanfiction

Misters Toups and Raroo, respectively, did the sound editing and this week’s original cover artwork. Hot job, guys!

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the insert credit podcast, episode five – tactical freakout with shawn mcgrath


Episode 5 – Tactical Freakout with Shawn McGrath



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A wise, slightly older youth once told me in my own youth that the difference between a “Gamer” and “someone who plays video games” is that a Gamer spends all of his non-video game playing time talking, writing, and reading about video game related topics. With that in mind, we hope you enjoy this hour of content featuring Dyad creator Shawn McGrath (and, of course, frank, tim, and brandon) as we discuss:

1) Weapon design
2) MMO methadone
3) The Johnny Wadd of Video Games
4) Dyad: The Animated Series
5) Killing Kingdom Hearts
6) Dreams of a good Superman
7) Finally getting that hedgehog
8) Spe Cops: Theline
9) Making a living in the video game industry
10) The band which influenced every early video game composer

I wrote a pretty good post-buzzer spiel for the end of this episode, so I’m just going to copy and paste it here:

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