the insert credit podcast, episode five – tactical freakout with shawn mcgrath

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Episode 5 – Tactical Freakout with Shawn McGrath



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A wise, slightly older youth once told me in my own youth that the difference between a “Gamer” and “someone who plays video games” is that a Gamer spends all of his non-video game playing time talking, writing, and reading about video game related topics. With that in mind, we hope you enjoy this hour of content featuring Dyad creator Shawn McGrath (and, of course, frank, tim, and brandon) as we discuss:

1) Weapon design
2) MMO methadone
3) The Johnny Wadd of Video Games
4) Dyad: The Animated Series
5) Killing Kingdom Hearts
6) Dreams of a good Superman
7) Finally getting that hedgehog
8) Spe Cops: Theline
9) Making a living in the video game industry
10) The band which influenced every early video game composer

I wrote a pretty good post-buzzer spiel for the end of this episode, so I’m just going to copy and paste it here:

If you’d like to hear your question on the show, or answer one of ours, send an email or an audio file under one minute to If you liked the show, leave us a review on iTunes! We love hearing nice things about us and Apple uses that information to feature us in the iTunes Store. You can also discuss the show on Insert Credit Dot Com (but you guys know that last part already). 

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