the insert credit podcast, episode six – seattle rhythm with christian nutt

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Episode 6 – Seattle Rhythm with Christian Nutt



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Can you believe we’ve been doing this for six weeks now? If this were The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, the world would have ended fourteen times since we first started this thing. Well, we’re back, and this time around we’ve got 33% more original Insert Credit flavor with christian nutt joining the franktimbrandon triple headed cerberus of podcasting! Together, we discuss such delightful topics as:

1) The line between “difficult” and “unfair”
2) Modern beat-em-ups
3) Master Chief vs. Charizard
4) Those losers who think Oculus Rift is a good idea
5) Why the Tales games aren’t a waste of time
6) The prettiest video game
7) Studio Ghibli game adaptations
8) Fable‘s undelivered promises
9) Why Dragon Quest X is the way it is
10) Pokemon fanfiction

Misters Toups and Raroo,┬árespectively, did the sound editing and this week’s original cover artwork. Hot job, guys!

I write 9 out of 10 of these dang questions each week, but I leave a special place on the side just for you folks. You can wriggle your way into that sweet audience participation slot by sending an email to

Or, hey! You probably know more about video games than these jerks, right? Send an MP3 audio recording under one minute in length to answering any of the questions in these six episodes and you might just hear yourself on a real life iTunes Certified Podcast (they don’t just hand those out you know)!

If you wanna do us a real solid, you can head on over to iTunes and give us a nice review. If you’re some kind of contrarian anti-establishment post-punk who would sooner die than walk into an apple store, I guess you could just tell your friends about it!

alex “gorblax” jaffe loves you either way (unless you funded the oculus rift kickstarter)


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