the insert credit podcast, episode seven – gamer grub with patrick miller

| Jaffe


Episode 7 – Gamer Grub with Patrick Miller



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In this week’s thrilling adventure hour, our stalwart heroes are joined by Patrick Miller, yet another member of the Insert Credit old guard to talk surprisingly little about fighting or RTS games. What we do talk about is this:

1) Gamescom

2) Voice acting on the GameCube

3) Sweet rides

4) Pokemon vs. Animal Crossing

5) Industry buzzwords

6) William Hung

7) Ranking the Halo series

8) Character customization

9) Films for players of video games

10) Robot Masters

Thanks again to Andrew Toups for editing the podcast! If you have your own questions or want to answer one of ours in an audio file under one minute, send those things to You can also tell your friends about the show on twitter using the hashtag #insertcredit, that would be extra-lovely. Thanks everybody!

alex “gorblax” jaffe has a post-script joke about Temple of Apshai from brandon and here it is: “temple of apshai  needs to get over itself and start socializing with the other apps”


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