the insert credit podcast, episode eight – panza vision with vito gesualdi

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Episode 8 – Panza Vision with Vito Gesualdi



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Get ready for fun! This week Insert Credit’s Official Hollywood Correspondent Vito Gesualdi joins tim, brandon, frank and myself to discuss such delightful topics as:

1. Nintendo Power
2. Visceral Games’ Don Quixote
3. Cute ’em Ups
4. Gabe Newell vs. Gabe Pennyarcade
5. 2012 in 2002
6. Antiques Road Show: Video Game Edition
7. Whether y’all got that Madden
8. OnLive, and whether it’s even worth saving
9. Ridablanimals
10. What’s wrong with D. Souls series

 I reckon this is a real good’n! We just might make Vito one of our regular panelists if you don’t WATCH YOUR GOD DARN BACK, FRANK.

If you’d like to send in a question, or answer one of ours in an audio file under sixty seconds, you can email those things to Also feel free to leave us a review on iTunes, or just talk about the show on Twitter using the hashtag #insertcredit! Why are you still reading this, go download this thing now now now now now n

-alex “gorblax” jaffe is quickly going mad with his infinitesimal amount of power


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