the insert credit podcast, episode nine – al pacino’s vegas adventure

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Episode 9 – Al Pacino’s Vegas Adventure



Because you the listener demanded it, this week we bring you an extra length episode featuring Action Button Entertainment‘s celebrity graphic designer Brent Porter! He joins brandon, tim, and frank for discussion of:

1. How horror games scare people
2. The correct method for establishing lore
3. Food in video games
4. Ideal real world Metroidvania settings
5. BioWare and Joss Whedon
6. D-Day
7. The oft-maligned Escort Mission
8. How actual sports translate into their game counterparts
9. Wreck It Ralph

…and a special Game Show Round!

Thanks as always to Andrew Toups for mixing this episode up! If you want to be a Total Podcast Hero like him, here’s a list of things YOU can do:

1. Leave us a review on iTunes
2. Tweet about the show using the hashtag #insertcredit
3. Send in your questions to
4. Send in a brief MP3 of one minute or less of yourself answering one of our questions to
5. Listen to our brand new monthly sister show, the action button dot net podcast: featuring tim, myself, and your pal from Episode 8, Vito Gesualdi

Because you the listener demanded it, we will be reverting to our normal one hour time schedule next week!

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